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Sunset at Bangui Windmills in Ilocos

Maybe it was of pure luck that the trip from Currimao to Bangui took a few hours due to distance and the stop over we did in Burgos to see the Kapurpurawan rock formations. If we had not arrived late in the afternoon, we would not have seen the rainbow hovering above the strip of gigantic windmills in the shores of Bangui in Ilocos Norte or the sunset that posed as our beautiful backdrop.

The Bangui Windmills is the biggest windmill farm in Southeast Asia. As of now, it provides 40% of the total power consumption in Ilocos Norte.  The project was inaugurated in 2005 and since then, it has become an icon and pride of the province. The Bagui NorthWind Project, as what it is officially called, currently has 19 perfectly running windmills erected at the shores of Bangui. These windmills face the strong winds coming from the South China Sea. Aside from being a great subject for landscape photography, the strip of gigantic windmills contribute in the reduction of the greenhouse effect.

How to get to Bangui Windmills?

From Laoag, take the Laoag – Cagayan route towards the town of Burgos. Once you reach Burgos, travel a little further north. It’s impossible for you to get lost since the windmills’ blades are fairly visible from the highway. A sign that leads to Bangui Bay can be found at the left side of the road. Just follow the dirt road leading to the bay. Travel time from Currimao is approximately 2 hours. Coming from Laoag will cut the travel time to an hour and a half.

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