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Traveling to Sagada for the first time

What could be more perfect than spending an afternoon on top of a hill while waiting for the sun to settle down behind the arrays of mountains on the horizon. It was the perfect break I needed to relieve myself from the stressful past couple weeks that I went through.

In the past, I have turned down several invitations from friends who went on a trip to Sagada. I have no worries of staying in a lodge or hostel, hike myself to death or get into an accident while climbing a cliff. What worries me more is the 12 hours worth of travel time from Manila to Sagada, Mountain Province. I couldn’t imagine 12 hours of my time get wasted doing nothing but sit and wait.

When I received the most recent invitation to go to Sagada, I didn’t hesitate in saying yes. After all, I will be alone in my apartment in Makati until New Year and most likely, I wouldn’t be doing anything. The trip would be perfect to enjoy and savor my one week vacation leave from work.

As expected, the entire trip took nearly 12 hours of our time. We left Pasay City (via Victory Liner) late night of December 26 and arrived at around lunch time in Sagada, Mountain Province. Having tourism as one of their primary sources of livelihood, the town itself is packed with different sorts of hotels and restaurants. However, December seems to be the peak season for visiting locales. We were even lucky to have reserved a hotel despite the high demand for the season. We stayed in Residential Lodge for the entire duration of our trip where each of us only paid P250 a night.

The town proper may not have that much attractions but wait ’til you explore the other exciting activities you can do and other attractions you can visit. For first time visitors, within the town is Sagada’s tourism office. It’s a minute or two walk from the bus stop. For first time visitors, it would be wise to drop by the tourism office. The guys there can help you maximize your stay in Sagada. If you have already picked your desired activity, a tour group called the SAGGAs can provide visitors and tourists the transportation, equipment and tour guides they need. The SAGGA’s office located near the tourism office.

We only stayed in Sagada for two and a half days. If you’re to ask me, three days is long enough to experience most of the attractions and activities but it’s not good enough for one to fully enjoy and savor the Sagada experience. Wish we could have stayed longer. Despite the long travel time, I will definitely re-visit Sagada next time.

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** Sunset photo was taken by Benj Espina of visitsagada.com