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Sagada Sunset at Lake Danum

The sunset in Sagada is best viewed from Lake Danum. The area is not that far from the town. After taking our rest from the on-foot exploration of the town (Echo Valley tour in Sagada) that we did during our first day in Sagada, we decided to join the group of tourists headed towards Lake Danum. They say it’s the best place to see the setting of the sun.

There were quite a number of tourists who have already arrived ahead of us. Some of them have set-up their blankets on the grassy hill top. Behind us was Lake Danum, partially hidden behind the tree branches. There was nothing magnificent about Lake Danum, or perhaps it was overshadowed by the beautiful sunset in front of us.

It didn’t take too long before the blue skies changed to the hue of orange and we watched sun as it set down behind the mountains of the Cordilleras.

I tried taking a photo of the lake behind us but it was too dark already to take a good shot. Maybe some other time, I can find time again to re-visit Lake Danum.


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