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Quiminatin Island in Cuyo – my little paradise from nowhere

It was the second day of the transition trip of The Oceana Maria to Tubbataha and we were scheduled to dive in Quiminatin, a small island off the coast of Cuyo, Palawan.

Quiminatin Island

Our boat anchored a few hundred meters away from the island. From the boat’s deck, I already saw the gem that the island has. The thought of walking and swimming on the island’s small patch of white sand beach with aquamarine waters appealed more to me than the thought of diving the deep blue waters around the island.

Diving in Quiminatin

The diving experience was just a topping on the whole trip to Cuyo, Palawan. We saw lobsters, glass shrimps, jelly fishes, bat fishes, and huge sea urchins. The highlight of the whole Quiminati dive maybe was the experience of swimming into the small cave in the wall. We went inside at 18m and emerged at 15m above the small tunnel where we went in. Near the end of the dive, there were also occasional thermoclines. Our dive master, Kuya Edgar, mentioned that hammer head sharks love staying at the cooler waters. I was on the look out for any hint of sharks but I failed to see one until the end of the dive.

To borrow one of our colleague’s thoughts, Quiminatin is one of those few locations wherein the view above the water is prettier than what’s below.

My Little Paradise

Shortly after getting off our dive suits and equipments on Oceana Maria, we went back to our speed boat with our cameras, sun blocks and sun glasses. This should be my ideal tropical summer, I thought. Swimming on a virtually empty white-sand beach, surrounded by giant lime stone rocks under the warmth of the sun.

Quiminatin Island

I love the thought of staying in the beach of a random island for a day and you don’t know to worry about visum usa. Had I not known the island’s name at the time we set foot on its white sand beach, the experience would have been a lot better.

Quiminatin Island

After taking several photos and done several jump shots (each of us had a jump shot photo and my jump pose was not as good as that of the others), we set off back to our big boat where the second dive group had just finished their dive.

Although we didn’t stay long in the island, it was nice to feel the ground especially when you’re set for a week’s worth of journey and adventure on sea.

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