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Nagtabon Beach Cove in Palawan

Nagtabon Cove may not be one of the most popular beach destinations in Puerto Princesa. Being the second largest city in the country in term of land area, it’s for sure that now all beach destinations are discovered yet. During my first trip to Puerto Princessa, part of our itinerary was to visit Nagtabon Cove or Nagtabon Beach. It was recommended by our hotel’s chef (Microtel Puerto Princessa)while we were having our dinner during our first night in Palawan.

Since it’s not that well known to the public, transportation going to Nagtabon Cove is a little bit of a problem. You have to commission a private van that would take you to Nagtabon. It’s a little far from the usual routes for tourists but I can assure you it’s worth going to.

Nagtabon Cove is a long stretch of fine white sand beach. Most of the beach fronts here are privately owned and undeveloped, which is one of the reasons why the are remains untarnished. Part of the scenic view is the horizon where the sky and the South China Sea meets.

If you wish to go to Nagtabon Cove, you have to arrange it with your driver or tour guide. Some of the tour guides in Puerto Princessa are aware of Nagtabon Beach Cove though they won’t recommend it to tourists since going there takes more than an hour of your travel time.