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La Paz Sand Dunes in Ilocos Norte

Immediately after we arrived in Ilocos Norte, our group headed to La Paz Sand Dunes in Laoag City, Ilocos Norte. The place is approximately an hour ride from where we were staying. We were advised to go there in the afternoon to avoid the mid-day intensity of the sun which could cause sun burn.

Before getting to La Paz Sand Dunes, we passed by one of UNESCO’s heritage sites in Ilocos, the Paoay Church in Paoay near Laoag. The churce was quite noticeable from afar since the Hispanic structure stands out from all the modern structures in the city. We stopped by to take some photos before heading to La Paz.

When we arrived in the area, we were greeted by two members of the PINAKBET Group, Inc. (Province of Ilocos Norte Adventurers Kampers Bikers Eco-Tourism Group, Inc.). They showed us the special 4×4 vehicles that we will be using. These vehicles were specially designed to handle the warm and sandy terrains of the La Paz sand dunes.

Few of the activities you could do in the Ilocos Norte Sand Dunes are riding the 4×4, ATV ride and sand surfing. Unfortunately, due to limited time and some unforeseen incidents, we were only able to try the 4×4 ride. We were expecting to experience sand surfing but I think it could wait some other time.

Though I wasn’t able to try riding a live ATV at the sand dunes, I was able to take a photo of myself riding the ATV of one of the city’s politician’s son who was at the area with his siblings. They were good enough to let us borrow the ATVs so we could take photos.

After the rough afternoon at the sand dunes, we went back to Playa Tropical Resort for our Ilocos-themed dinner.