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Food and the other wonders of Bacolod

It was odd that after all these years that I have been traveling across the country, Bacolod never came up as one of my choice destinations. I have heard a lot of good things about this small city but it was only recently that I had the opportunity to visit this gem in the Visayan region. Over the last few months, I must have visited Bacolod thrice, mainly for work-related reasons (well except for the last one).

I have listed below few of the interesting things you may want to do or visit while staying in Bacolod. These were few of the activities that I did during my last three visits.

1. Masskara Festival – One of the wonders of Bacolod that you might not want to miss is their annual festival. Every year, the locales fill the entire city with colorful smiles, literally. It was fortunate of me that my first trip to Bacolod last year was during the Masskara Festival. It was the last day of the street dance competition and we spent our few remaining hours in the city watching the dancers in colorful costumes dance along the streets of Bacolod.

2. Desserts by Calea – You shouldn’t leave Bacolod without trying the pastries and cakes of Calea. Calea, which is located at Balay Cinco along Lacson Steet, just across L’ Fisher Hotel, is one of the more prominent cafes in Bacolod. The sweets here are to die for. I probably have tried half of the cakes on display and none of those have failed to impress me.

3. The Ruins – This must be one of most popular landmarks in Bacolod. Though technically, the Ruins is located in Talisay, Negros Occidental, it has been highly associated as an icon of Bacolod City. The Ruins is accessible via a 20-minute cab ride from the city’s center. I visited the Ruins during the my last trip to Bacolod when I attended the wedding of a friend. What could be better than having this ancient mansion serve as back drop for a garden wedding reception.

4. Chicken Inasal – I’m not entirely a fan of Bacolod’s chicken inasal but if in case you are wondering how the original inasal tastes like, there are few places that you can visit in Bacolod. Manokan country near SM City and Chicken House near Lacson are just few of the more popular ones that serve authentic chicken inasal.

5. The old mansions of Silay – Negros, in the last couple of centuries, has been ruled by sugar barons. These are individuals and families who run the biggest sugar plantations and sugar mills in the province. If you visit Silay, a neighboring city, you might probably have seen the old mansions of these sugar barons. A tour within the Balay Negrense, one of the biggest and oldest mansions in the city, will take you back to the history of Bacolod’s richest families.

6. Provincial Capitol – If you’re hotel is just within the city, you might as well take a short walk outside the Negros Occidental’s seat of power. The provincial capitol building has similar features to that of the architectural designs of the old buildings in Manila that were built during the American period. Outside the capitol building is the capitol’s park and lagoon.


These are just few of the things that I was able to accomplish during my last three visits in Bacolod. I’m pretty sure there are a lot more that the province of Negros can offer and I’m excited for my next trip to Bacolod.

[box type=”note” style=”rounded” border=”full”]Special thanks to AirPhil Express for safely bringing me to Bacolod. AirPhil Express flies daily to Bacolod City from Metro Manila.[/box]