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Experiencing Mt. Apo from Camp Sabros

Every since I was in college, I always wanted to experience Mt. Apo. A lot of my high school and college friends who were into mountain climbing have already climbed the peak of Apo. As for me, the highest peak I have climbed maybe was the peak of some small mountain in Calinan, Davao. Also, having lived for most of my life in Davao City, the image of the great Apo is very familiar to me. On any cloudless day, the majestic silhouettes of Mt. Apo and Mt. Talomo hovering above Davao’s skyline is visible from any point in the city.

Mt. Apo and Mt. Talomo are both visible from Davao City

A couple of years ago, in one of my short vacations in my hometown Davao City, we visited Camp Sabros. Camp Sabros at that time was popular for having the longest and highest zip line in the country. Adventure and outdoor activities at that time have not gone main stream yet. But aside from having to to try the zip line and all, what I was looking forward to was the experience of setting foot at the foot of Mt. Apo.

Camp Sabros is located at Kapatagan, Davao del Sur. Kapatagan is the side of Mt. Apo nearest to Davao City. Most of those who climb the mountain take the trek originating in Kidapawan City, a few couple of hours from Davao City.

From Digos City, the capital of Davao del Sur, we hired a van that would take us to Kapatagan. It’s about an hour ride from the town center. Getting to Camp Sambros itself is a bit tricky. It’s situated on top of the hill and only a 4×4 vehicle can withstand the terrain. Hence, we were forced to climb the hill on foot in order to get to the camp.

The clouds were also not cooperating at that time. Most parts of Mt. Apo were covered with thick gray and white clouds. Good thing that the clouds allowed us to take a peek at Mt. Apo’s peak. Despite the thick clouds, we were still able to enjoy the view. The Mt. Apo was so tall that everything else, from the plains to the smaller mountains beneath it, seem not to exist when you look at it.

We continued our journey and arrived at Camp Sabros. After taking a short rest, we immediately arranged our food and zip line activities with the resort manager. There were a few people at that came ahead of us. The environment in Camp Sabros is similar to Camp John Hay wherein the entire place is almost covered with pine trees. Being on a higher ground, the temperature was also cooler.

After doing all the zip line rounds, we noticed that the clouds covering the mountain had not totally disappeared yet. The best shot that we got of Mt. Apo is the photo below. Nonetheless, the experience was still amazing and it was the closest that I was with Mt. Apo