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El Nido Town

In few of my encounters with foreign travelers in some of trips within the Philippines, I would typically ask about their travel plans within the country so I could share some tips. Without fail, El Nido would always fall amongst my top picks.

Unarguably, this little town is a paradise for beach lovers and can sit well among travelers who travel on a budget and to those who have dollars to spare for a little luxury.

Staying within El Nido town, apart from being affordable, has its perks. For the first and second time that I was in El Nido, I rented a private room in some of the hotels and hostels in the town center. This has allowed me to get easy access to restaurants, tour organizers, night life, and other amenities available to locals and tourists.

The town center is small enough to be explored on foot. For a better view, you can walk along the beach for a view of the sunset. Most of the restaurants and bars in the town are also accessible from the beach. However, for places that are located outside of town, you can easily hail a tricycle to take you.